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3 online trading platforms for beginners

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trading platforms for beginners

1. Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets is one of the oldest online brokers. Founded in 2001, the platform allows you to trade a wide variety of financial securities at competitive fees.The platform is suitable for novice traders as well as more seasoned investors. It allows you to trade more than 4000 international stocks, as well as the riskiest products such as currencies and cryptocurrencies.The major advantage of the platform is the provision of educational tools and training, which allow you to learn the basics of trading. These are also available on the Admiral Markets YouTube channel, which streams live footage each morning.The platform has a policy of reduced fees on the various tradable financial securities and cryptocurrencies. Attention, in case of inactivity of the account, quite high fees can be applied: 10 euros per month after two years without placing an order from the platform.

2. Etoro

The Etoro broker is also an online broker, available on the Internet or via a mobile application. To date, it claims 18 million users worldwide. Etoro allows you to trade a wide range of financial securities, such as stocks, indices (ETFs) or cryptocurrencies, from $200 in deposits. Negative point: in case of deposit in euros, the funds are converted into dollars, which generates a commission.But one of the advantages of this broker is the absence of fees on trading stocks and spot ETF index funds. A rather interesting element for beginners as well as for more experienced investors, as indicated by the experts of tradingenligne.fr .Another advantage for beginners: Etoro offers the “CopyTrader” service, which has the principle of replicating the strategies of the most successful traders in the client’s portfolio. Individuals who subscribe to it must however pay attention to the types of securities in which they wish or not to invest.

3. Degiro

Degiro is the leading online trading platform in France in number of transactions. Active in 18 countries, it claims more than 600,000 customers. It makes it possible to invest in more traditional securities, as well as in complex financial products.One of its advantages is to be able to open an account with only… 0.01 euro. Individuals can then choose between several profiles, including that of trader, which gives them access to various categories of financial securities. The platform has low fees: an order executed on Euronext only costs 0.04%, for example, with no minimum billing.Degiro is available on the Internet and also offers a mobile application, which gives great flexibility to investors. It also offers customer service available by telephone from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays for practical questions (no investment advice).

Choosing the right trading platform

Like any investment activity in the financial markets, online trading activity, whether in financial securities or cryptocurrencies, is risky. Some products can even lead to losing more money than the amount wagered and are not recommended for beginners, like CFDs (75% of retail traders lose money when investing in this type of financial instrument) . As a general rule, you should never invest in a financial product that you do not clearly understand how it works.Trading is a very different approach to investing in the stock market for the long term. In the first case, the objective is to buy and resell by taking advantage of market opportunities, in order to collect gains quickly. The second option is to choose securities that are believed to have growth potential over several years, while collecting any dividends distributed.Those who engage in trading (as in investing in the stock market) must keep in mind that they should only bet sums that they do not need, and for which a total loss would not modify their living conditions. or their projects. Above all, they must forget about the false promises of making money quickly and easily.

If trading is a risky business, so is choosing the wrong platform. Scams flourish on the Internet. Before opening an account and transferring funds, you should always find out about the chosen platform. This must be registered with Regafi (the register of financial agents) as well as with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). Serious platforms display the risks of investments in an apparent way, and in particular those related to CFDs. Finally, do not hesitate to go to the forums to find out from Internet users about the seriousness of the chosen platform.

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