July 19, 2024

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5 pointers to consider while opening the current a digital current account

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digital current account

A current account is essential for carrying out seamless business transactions, no matter whether you run a small business or a large business. Usually, small business owners and managers use their personal savings accounts for seamless transactions in their work.

But now, most businesses realize that they need the current account to streamline the transactions, whether making deposits, with drawalsor other transactions.

Have you decided to open the current account? There are 5 critical points that you should consider before opening the current account.

1. Minimum balance Requirements

Sometimes, the banks want that you hold the minimum balance in your current account. So it is suggested to check the bank requirements for the minimum balance before applying for the current account.

This is a beneficial account, especially when you start your new business and want to use all the funds that are lying in the current account. Choose the bank that expects the minimum balance to maintain easily.

2. Online core services

It is better to open a current account with the bank that extends to the user-friendly internet and mobile banking portal. This type of portal will allow you to open the current account online and instantly get access to the online facilities after opening the account.

There is no need to visit the branch if the banks at which you are going to open the digital current account offer online core services.

3. Privileges and Perks

It is also beneficial to check the perks and privileges before opening the current account. For example, some banks extend the benefits such as account grouping, doorstep banking, dynamic cash deposit limits and many more.

It is also suggested to consider switching to the current legacy account if they provide your standardized services.

4. Overdraft facility

Banks provide the overdraft facility to the current account holders once they have been associated with the bank for some time. It is suggested to consider the overdraft facility because it is the type of low-interest loan that is taken by you against the balance in the current account.

A current account also extends the overdraft facility and helps you to tend over the sudden cash requirement that is faced by your business.

5. Transaction fees

Banks permit unlimited transactions if you open a current account. They only possess the fee charges when the limits on the transactions have crossed their usual set range. It is suggested to check the schedule of the charges on the transactions before applying for the current account.

Choose the bank that has a low fee on the number of transactions.  


It is better to open a current account for the business if you want to get access to the benefits such as flexible transaction limits as the number of withdrawals, higher cash deposit limits and ease of operation with the user-friendly digital banking platforms.

If you want to open a current account, you must read all the above-mentioned factors and make your best decisions.

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