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Broker Forex in 2022 – The Complete Guide

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Broker Forex in 2022

In order to clean up the world of investments, several systems have been put in place linking sellers to buyers. Among the means put on the ground, you have the exchange market which connects sellers and buyers.

Indeed, the forex broker is a platform that connects operators as well as people who provide forex services. The transactions that are carried out are often in foreign currencies depending on the locality of the person doing the negotiation.

The act of trading is referred to as “Forex”. In English, forex simply means Foreign Exchange Market. Generally speaking, forex is therefore the foreign exchange market. It plays the role of intermediary and works in a special way.

We have a multitude of forex brokers and it is simply up to you to choose what suits you. It is even possible to find the best forex broker 2021. The foreign exchange market makes it easy to trade.

Which Forex Broker to choose?

The eToro Forex Broker

Concept of eToro – eToro is a serious forex broker which was launched in the years 2007 and which has managed to rise in the world of trading. It is based in the Cyprus region and remains regulated by several bodies. These include CySEC, ASIC, and FCA, among others. eToro has over 10 million users worldwide. Its platform is quite easy to use and you don’t need to be a professional to use it.

The advantage of using eToro – It appears as a forex broker with no deposit bonus. It is true that this gain is not recoverable since it allows you to test the site to learn more. The point of the bonus is to learn how to trade and understand how the forex broker works. It makes it possible to adopt a copying technique. The latter gives you the possibility of using the strategy of the best traders who use the forex broker.

eToro with an investor-to-investor trading system – eToro connects investors so they can communicate with each other. This allows them to give each other advice on methods to win in trading. With more than 47 pairs offered, it applies spreads on operations. However, there are no fees payable on the deposit

AvaTrade Forex Broker

Concept – AvaTrade is a quality forex broker that allows you to trade online. It is very reliable and has a multitude of users around the world. Very famous in the world of forex trading, it was created in 2006. This platform presents more than 50 currency pairs that you can favor according to your preferences. This mt4 and mt5 forex broker supports you in your investment strategy.

Features – It provides you with quality financial products that guarantee you better earnings. The bonus forex broker has an application that you can download to your mobile phone. At the level of currency pairs, the spread starts with 0.7 pips. When you start trading forex with this broker, you will have to respect the minimum deposit. The latter is 100 euros. However, you will benefit from the inactivity fee when using EURUSD.  

An easy-to-use broker – The AvaTrade platform is very accessible for users and you have the possibility to use it without any worries. You should still know that its interface is quite simple and you also benefit from a demonstration mode to gain experience in the field.

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