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Everything you Need to Know About a Resale Certificate

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Resale Certificate

A resale certificate, is one of the most important documents in the field of sales tax. It is mainly applied by buying organizations, which procure stocks for sales, to help them exclude the sales tax from the acquired products.

In other words, it acts as a confirmation to the seller that the acquired goods will eventually be sold and, therefore, not taxed on sale. This certificate is usually provided by the state’s taxing authority or the department of revenue, and is governed by specific rules depending on the state. It involves processing the details of the buyer and the seller, with the tax identification numbers included.

Penalties or fines may be incurred if you fail to get or utilize the resale certificate. Thus, it is crucial to comprehend and apply this document properly so that the businesses involved in resale can effectively deal with them.

Below we discuss everything you need to know about a Florida resale certificate.

Definition and Purpose

A resale certificate is something companies use in sale tax situations; it allows them to purchase products for reselling purposes and not have to pay the tax on the items. It also has the role of proving that the purchased items are commercial as opposed to being for use by the vehicle owner.

This certificate actually frees the business that is purchasing from having to pay the sales tax at the point of purchase, and instead the burden falls on the final consumer once the item is sold.

Qualifying Criteria

A business would need to be registered with the state tax authority and involved in the business of making taxable sales to be eligible for a resale certificate.

Individual states have filed more stringent rules and guidelines that must be fulfilled, and necessary papers and documents like the business license and tax identification number should accompany the resale certificate.

Proper Use

Resale certificates, as mentioned earlier, need to be applied properly to avoid negative legal and monetary implications for companies. Penalties for misusing a resale certificate include fines and judicial consequences, as well as the chance to purchase items for personal use or to avoid taxes on things that are not to be resold.

Companies should maintain records of resale certificates used, details of the transactions made, and the sales tax paid by customers for seamless transactions.

Importance for Sellers

The certificates should be valid when sellers accept resale certificates and retain records of such certificates. Failing to do so may lead to other problems, such as the occurrence of liability for uncollected sales tax.

Sellers can even be audited so as to determine whether or not they have complied with resale certificate provisions.


It is evident that a resale certificate is a very important document for any business that is involved in the sale of taxable products. It helps them buy materials on credit without paying sales tax in advance and recover it from the final customer.

Kindly reach out for more information on the same.

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