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Why Choose Cerakote Coatings For Your Guns

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Cerakote Coating


Cerakote is a widely used coating that works well in many applications, including firearm coatings. It can be used by itself or with other materials, such as metal and polymer. Once applied, it becomes an integral part of the material it is applied to and will eventually blend in with the surface. The durability of Cerakote depends on how it was applied and what materials are being sprayed on top of it.

What is Cerakote Coating?

Cerakote is an epoxy-polymer coating that can be applied in different textures and colors. It is used to improve the aesthetic and functional elements of a finished product. This coating has unique properties and can endure extreme conditions.

Cerakote has been tested to perform well in even the harshest environments. For example, desert storm rifles and equipment were coated for extra protection against chemical attacks, sandstorms, and high temperatures. The pieces that were coated survived after being submerged in seawater for 30 days and were still in excellent condition after 60 days. In addition to functioning well under harsh environmental conditions, it also functions well under water.

Cerakote durability can vary depending on application type

  • Can last for up to 5 years when coated over metal
  • Durability issues may arise when using paint layers as coatings over metal surfaces (expect this to only last for a few months).

Significance of Cerakote Coating:

Because of its durability, Cerakote can be used for military and police firearms, as well as hunting rifles and accessories. It is also extremely shock-resistant and is sometimes used as a replacement for plastic firearms (some shooters use it for this purpose). Modern armor applications usually involve adding a ceramic coating to the Cerakote. Cerakote has taken this a step further by coating materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, steel and titanium. The result is a material with enhanced protective capabilities while also keeping its aesthetic benefits.

Cerakote Coatings:

There are 6 different versions of Cerakote available on the market. Each one is available in a variety of colors, and can be put on multiple surfaces without any issues. All Cerakote coatings are intended to function as normal production coatings do (i.e., resistant to both weathering and chemical breakdown), but they are coated in the same way as other paint layers.

Advantages of Cerakote Coating on Guns:

1) Cerakote protects against corrosion and rust.

2) It is not susceptible to scratches when handled. The coating is so tough that it may resist scratches, despite the metal it was applied to. The coating itself can be scratched, but the metal underneath will remain unscathed.

3) It is resistant to damage from heat.  This means that Cerakote coated guns will not melt in a fire, despite the intense heat generated by gunpowder inside them (for example).

4) It is non-toxic and safe to touch. This means that your gun can be handled without concern of transferred toxins to you through touch or breathing in fumes released by the application process.

5) It is weather resistant, which means that it will last even when exposed to extreme climate conditions such as rain and snow.

6) It is easy to repair if scratched or damaged. According to studies, the coating is so tough that it can be treated as a highly resistant surface without losing its appearance or texture.

7) It can protect your gun from corrosion caused by the environment in which it is in. This includes humidity, salt water and other environmental elements that might damage your gun or compromise its performance over time.


Cerakote is an excellent coating for gun owners who seek extra protection for their firearms. It provides extra durability and performance in harsh environments, making it worth considering. For example, Cerakote treated M4 rifles are resistant to corrosion, sandstorms, and extreme temperature changes. 

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